W-2s will be mailed by January 31st, 2022.

Sign Up for Email Delivery / Online Access

Why wait for the mail? Never lose your W-2: Download as many copies as you want – anytime, anywhere.*

If you want to register to receive your W-2 forms by email, go to www.mytaxform.com and follow the steps below:

  1. Enter 17300 for the company code and register online.
  2. Your social security number is your user ID.
  3. The last four digits of your Social Security number is your default pin.
  4. Once you have entered that information and your identity has been authenticated, a one time pin will be sent to your cell phone, email or by mail.
  5. After logging in using that one time pin, you will set your permanent pin. You need to complete this by 1/10/2022 to receive an electronic copy instead of a paper w2 mailed to your address.
  6. You can register anytime to retrieve your W-2 online after 1/31/2022.

*Note: The current year W-2 download is free. Charges may apply for prior year W-2.

Registered Last Year?

If you registered last year to receive your W-2 electronically, you do not need to do anything this year. Login into www.mytaxform.com after 1/31/2022 with your user ID and Pin to print your 2021 W-2 form or for reprints of prior years. The company code is 17300.

Did you move this year? Is your Name or SSN wrong?

Make sure to update your mailing address if you’ve moved. W-2 forms will be sent to the address that is on your check. If your name or Social Security number is incorrect, please contact Extreme Reach Payroll Solutions at w2@extremereach.com or call (818) 729-0080 to update your information. All changes must be received by 1/05/22. After that date any corrections will need to be made as a corrected W-2 beginning 2/12/2022.

Having Trouble?

We’re here to help! If your identity cannot be authenticated, please contact us at (818) 729-0080 or w2@extremereach.com.

Please Note: Equifax authenticates the users identity based on SSN, the personal phone number and personal email provided to the employer by the employee. Be sure to use the information you provided your employer. Using an alternate phone and/or email is the most common cause of users being locked out.

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