TV Video Specifications


Extreme Reach provides multiple solutions for uploading creative assets to your account. Whether you choose to upload assets via our Media Uploader Application or through the ER platform, all files must meet the specifications in this document before they can be accepted.

File Naming

The file name should be the Ad Code with the file extension at the end
(ZYWX9876000H.mxf or
If you’re not using Ad-ID, file names should follow these guidelines:

  • File names can only contain letters and numbers. No special characters or spaces.
  • HD file names must end with an “H” but cannot end with “HH”.
  • In Canada, the “H” is not a requirement for HD assets.
  • Keep file names to 12 characters or fewer to avoid potential rejections from TV destinations.

TV File Name Restrictions

  • ABC and ESPN allow up to 13 characters
  • NBC and FOX allow up to 15 characters
  • CBS allows up to 20 characters
  • DIRECTV allows up to 20 characters
  • Discovery allows up to 25 characters

File Size

  • Maximum 5 GB for uploading through the ER platform directly.


Video Configurations

  Preferred   Accepted
Format MXF OP1a QuickTime   MP4
Video Codec XDCAM HD 422 ProRes 422 HQ   H.264 / AVC
GOP Long GOP Default   N/A
Frame Size 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080   1920 x 1080
Frame Rate 23.98 23.98   23.98
Scan Type Progressive Progressive   Progressive
Aspect Ratio 16:9 16:9   16:9
Pixel Aspect Ratio Square Pixels (1.0) Square Pixels (1.0)   Square Pixels (1.0)
Bit Rate 50 Mbps Default   20 Mbps
Chroma 4:2:2 4:2:2   4:2:0
Audio Codec PCM PCM   AAC
Bit Depth 16 or 24 bit 16 or 24 bit   N/A
Sample Rate 48 kHz 48 kHz   48 kHz
Bit Rate Uncompressed Uncompressed   224 Kbps
1920 x 1080, 29.97, Interlaced, Upper Field

1920 x 1080, 29.97, Progressive

1280 x 720, 59.94, Progressive


Audio Configurations

Stereo PCM or AAC   5.1 Plus Stereo PCM
Channel 1 Stereo Left Channel 1 Left
Channel 2 Stereo Right Channel 2 Right
    Channel 3 Center
    Channel 4 Low Frequency Effects
    Channel 5 Left Surround
    Channel 6 Right Surround
    Channel 7 Stereo Left
    Channel 8 Stereo Right

Content Layout

5 seconds of Slate
Ad-ID must be present on the slate and must match the Ad-ID in the metadata.

Slate should include the following:


No Audio on Slate
There should be no audio in the slate or in the preceding 2 seconds of black before the advertisement.

Start frame
Active audio/video must start on frame 168 for 23.98 fps or frame 210 for 29.97 fps.
The first frame is counted as frame 0.
Video content must run to the last frame with no additional black.

5 seconds
2 seconds
30 seconds
Frame 0 120 @ 23.98
150 @ 29.97
168 @ 23.98
210 @ 29.97
  Last frame 887 @ 23.98 = 888 total frames
Last frame 1109 @29.97 = 1110 total frames


Standards and Practices

Audio Levels
ATSC RP A/85 and ITU-R BS. 1770-3

Target Loudness level should be -24 LKFS +/- 2LU
Maximum True Peak -2dBTP
Any content that does not conform to the -24 LKFS loudness level mandate will be automatically normalized to meet the loudness requirement.
The normalization will adjust the overall audio level to meet a -24 LKFS loudness aim with no impact on the dynamic range.

True-Peak level should be below -2 dB TP
To avoid any potential rejections from TV and digital destinations, we recommend keeping true-peak levels below -6 dB TP.

Video Levels
ITU-R BT.601, ITU-R BT.709, and EBU R 103

Waveform Monitor Scale Levels:
Black level = 0% / 0mV
White level = 100% / 700mV

RGB = 0% - 100% / 0mV - 700mV

Digital Levels:
(8 Bit)
0% = Digital value of 16
100% = Digital value of 235

(10 Bit)
0% = Digital value of 64
100% = Digital value of 940

Out of Gamut - EBU recommendation Rec.103-2000 will allow a small tolerance, assuming that no more than 1% of the active picture is in error.

Signals exceeding 5% of the above levels and 1% of the image for a 4-second duration are considered “Out-of-Gamut” and will be rejected.


Safe Area

SMPTE ST 2046-1

The safe title area is 90% of the width and 90% of the height of the production aperture. All graphics, text, and frame composition elements should be placed within the safe title area to prevent key content from being cut off.

While 90% is the recommended safe area, all TV assets are allowed up to 93% placement without rejection. Assets with graphics, text, and composition elements outside of 93% (Safe Action Area) will be rejected.


Any questions?

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