Network Clearance Procedures


All materials designated for clearance (scripts, boards, rough cuts, finals), should be forwarded with as much lead time as circumstances allow. Networks may take 3-5 business days to review each submission of creative materials, thus we ask you to plan accordingly.

1. Storyboard / Script

The agency of record or advertiser submits the script or storyboard to their Extreme Reach Clearance Manager. The Clearance Manager processes through the broadcast networks requiring clearance prior to air. Networks include ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, NBC Cable, The CW, ESPN Networks, Fox Cable Networks, MTV Networks, Nickelodeon Networks and Turner Broadcasting. The list of broadcasters requiring network clearance continues to expand, therefore the Clearance Manager will determine which networks to include in the submission based upon the creative content of the provided script or storyboard.

The Clearance Manager receives feedback from the networks and shares it with the agency or advertiser. Discussion includes support for claims, further description of visuals, and any concerns the networks have.

2. Rough Cut Format

The ER Clearance Manager receives a rough cut from the agency/advertiser, along with an ‘as recorded’ script. The rough cut allows the networks to view the audio and visuals and provide feedback. Input received from the networks is given to the agency/advertiser for review.

The Clearance Manager will work with the agency or advertiser to obtain support documentation, clarification on any issues, and work with the networks to get approval. Once network requests and concerns are addressed, rough cuts are approved.

3. Final Slated Spot

Networks mandate that all spots are submitted in final, slated form, along with an ‘as recorded’ script. Networks review the final spot to ensure any concerns noted during the rough cut process have been addressed and then approve final cut.

The Ad-ID is entered into their systems, and the spot is ready for traffic scheduling. This is important. If the final slated spot is not submitted and traffic scheduling goes out, network systems will reflect “not approved.”

Ongoing Support


Throughout the clearance process, The Extreme Reach Clearance Manager works with agency, advertiser, or producer to obtain claim support for any network concerns. The Clearance Manger will receive support, submit to the networks and discuss with the editors at the networks to work toward an approval.


At each stage—storyboard/script, rough cut, and final cut—your Clearance Manager updates you on network feedback. When all responses are in, you are provided a document that summarizes each networks’ input.

Our Clearance department is kept updated by the networks regarding editor assignments, guidelines, and any changes in processes or procedures the networks put in place.


The Clearance Manager works directly with each network if negotiation is necessary to obtain approval, as each network may have a different request. ER Clearance Managers work on the client’s behalf to give input to all networks and furnish requested support and feedback.


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